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Lynx Belt Builder

For each Lynx Belt, you will need:

  • Links in the number and color selected by the customer
  • One Inner belt
  • A Buckle assembly which includes:
    • 1 fully assembled buckle
    • 1 bag with 50 roll pins
    • 1 punch tool for removing pins
    • 1 spare silicon O-ring for the buckle

How to order the correct number of links:

  1. Wear your current inner belt (if you don’t have one - you can order here)
  2. Use a flexible tape-measure (or string) to measure your waist circumference on top of the inner belt.
  3. Enter that dimension below (use Inches or centimeters as preferred), and see how many links you need. (it is rounded up, so you may have an extra link)
  4. Select your links in any color combination.  Add the total number of links needed to your cart.  See the size chart below as your guide.


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