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1)     What payment methods do you accept?

    We only accept payments from the following:

    • BPI (not Family)
    • BDO
    • Metrobank
    • LBC
    • Credit Card Payment via Paypal (All paypal fees will be charged to the buyer)

      2)     How can I get your bank details if I choose to pay via BPI or BDO?

      During ACCOUNT REGISTRATION, you will be asked to select the payment method you wish to use.  If you wish to change your payment method, kindly inform us via email at

       3)     Can you ship my order on the same day of my deposit?

      Yes, as long as your payment passes the following criteria:

      • Payment was deposited before our cut-off time of 10:00 A.M (Mondays to Fridays only)
      • Payment was made via BDO/BPI/Metrobank and PayPal
      • Your item does not require special shipping (please refer to #8)

      4)     Why can’t my shipment be processed on the same day if I use LBC as my payment method?

      LBC payments usually takes 2 banking days to process before the amount gets credited to our bank account.

      5)     What if I made my payment on Saturday, can you ship on the same day?

      No.  We can only process same day shipments if payment is made during weekdays, and if it meets the criterias mentioned in FAQ #3.

       6)     When will I receive my item?

      Please be guided with the shipping period below.  The shipping period starts after the payment has been verified.

      Metro Manila:   1-2 days

      Provincial:        1-3 days

      Please note that delays in shipping are out of our control.  We cannot guarantee on-time deliveries all the time.

      7)     Will I receive a refund if my order was shipped but not delivered by the courier?

      No, we will not process any refund if the courier loses your item during the delivery period.  Please contact us should you wish to avail of shipping insurance.

      8)     What items require special shipping?

      Items that require special shipping and cannot be shipped by air cargo are the ff:

      • Brass/ empty casings
      • Reloaders
      • Components (heads, primers, reloading powder)
      • Bullets
      • Firearm parts such as (Barrels/ Slides/ Magazines)

      Items that require special shipping such as those listed above can only be shipped via trucking or sea cargo

      • By schedule only
      • Shipping Fee is “collect”, meaning – the buyer pays for the shipping cost to the trucking company upon arrival of goods to your address



      9)     Until when can I return my item?

      The return process must be initiated within 7 days of order receipt, starting from the day of receipt of the ordered products. Date of receipt of item will be based on the tracking number of the shipment.  If the return/refund was initiated after the 7 day period, we can no longer accept the item in question.

       10)     What items are eligible for return/ refund?

      Items with manufacturing defects or deviations from factory specifications and wrong item shipped are eligible for return/ refund.

      If you have other reasons other than those stated above, kindly contact us via email (

       11)     My item is eligible for refund, how can I get my money back?

      • You may claim your refund in any of our store branches in Sta. Rosa, Laguna or Alabang, Muntinlupa
      • If you paid via paypal, we will refund using the same method.
      • We can redeposit the amount for refund using BPI (not Family), East West, or BDO banks. If you are not an account holder of the aforementioned banks, we will send you a signed check to your postal address.

       12)     Will you refund my shipping costs if I return my order?

      Return shipping fees will only be shouldered by Speededge,Inc if your item has a factory defect or wrong merchandise was shipped to you.

       13)     How much shipping fee will you refund to me?

      The amount of shipping fee that was charged to you by Speededge, Inc when you ordered the item will be the refund amount for the return shipping fee

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