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Original price ₱130,000.00 - Original price ₱130,000.00
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₱130,000.00 - ₱130,000.00
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Php 130,000 (ALL IN PRICE)
Free Firearm Registration
Includes 3 magazines
Made in Czech Republic

CALL TO PURCHASE: 09175175575 / 09164375050 / 02 88348179

The main features and benefits of CZ TS 2 pistol include: 

  • Single-action (SA) only trigger mechanism with short travel and quick reset
  • Increased accuracy and service life due to the use of high quality materials and utilization of the latest technologies
  • Improved frame and slide geometry for easier, faster and more reliable operation
  • Attractive design of the slide, frame and sport hammer
  • Improved ergonomics that contribute to comfortable handling during firing
  • Aggressive checkering optimized for a reliable grip in a wide range of conditions
  • 1mm red fiber optic front sight for quick and intuitive aiming
  • Durable finish
  • Long service life and high reliability with various types of ammunition
  • Machined magwell and flat, anodized duralumin base
  • A wide range of components and accessories available for extensive user customization

CZ TS 2 series 

Built to rule the Standard Division of IPSC, this new generation of single-action (SA) sport pistols draws its lineage back to the revolutionary CZ 75, by way of a number of precision-tuned factory competition models. 

 Since 2005, TACTICAL SPORTS (TS) has been the name of top sports specials based on the legendary CZ 75 model. The TS series comes with a single-action (SA) trigger

mechanism and has been designed to meet the requirements of the IPSC Standard Division. The CZ TS 2 series is the result of independent development, which combines the extensive experience of CZ Shooting Team members and utilization of the latest design and production processes. 

 The main features and benefits of CZ TS 2 pistols include increased accuracy and service life; improved frame and slide geometry; improved ergonomics that contribute to comfortable handling during firing; aggressive checkering; 1mm red fiber optic front sight; durable finish; long service life and high reliability with various types of ammunition; machined magwell and flat, anodized duralumin base; wide range of components and accessories available for user customization. 

All models are delivered in an oversized case and come with three magazines as standard. 

 A generational leap forward, this sports special is built to dominate competition in IPSC Standard Division and USPSA, as well as in other target shooting disciplines and hobby target shooting. The TS 2 is suitable for beginners and advanced competitors alike. The pistol is equipped with flat, silver anodized duralumin grips, solid metal sights, extended manual safety on the left side and flat manual safety on the right side. A pin for replacement of the slide stop is included as part of the package.

Height / Width / Length : 147/42/225 mm 

Barrel Length : 134 mm

Weight : 1,35 Kg

Caliber : 9x19 

Magazine Capacity: 20

Trigger : SA

Frame : Steel 

Grips : Aluminium

Note: Photos may not completely represent actual product.

1)  Ltopf (License to Own and Possess Firearm)
2)  FEO Account Email & Password 
3)  Full payment required before tagging of serial

If you lost access to your FEO Account, we can help in retrieving your account.

Do I need to visit your shop to purchase a firearm?
No. We can process everything online.

How much is the Firearm Registration?
We charge P3,500 to register firearms.

How much is the cargo fee?
Trucking cargoes charge around P500-P1,000.
Airport to airport Cargo is P3,500.

How long is the processing?
It usually takes less than a week to process a firearm registration. Delays can happen when there are problems with your LTOPF or when the FEO office closes for events/holidays.

Can I purchase without LTOPF?
No. All firearms must be licensed.

Will I get my Firearm License card with the firearm?
No. Firearm License cards will be sent to your address via courier free of charge as soon as they are available.

Ho do I place an order?
Give us a call at any of our hotline numbers: 0915175575/ 0916435050/ 02 88348179. We would be glad to assist you.

Do you have VIBER?
Yes, our Viber Number is 09164375050

I lost access to my FEO Account. Can you help?
Yes, we can help you retrive your FEO email account.

I don't have LTOPF, can you help?
Yes, we give LTOPF assistance.

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