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Grams Engineering Kit 13 Coils for STI(Gen1&2)/SV/SPS/CR

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The new “Grams Format” follower kit takes a major leap forward towards achieving flawless magazine performance.  A  dramatically enhanced follower made of space-age, slick plastic attached to a custom-designed spring creates a solid combination that provides the following benefits:

  • The follower is supported on both sides by spring coil in order to prevent rollover in the tube.
  • Spring coils stack more uniformly under pressure so they won’t kink in the bottom of the magazine.
  • If your gun is set up to lock back, the redesigned follower more consistently pushes the slide stop up and locks it back.
  • If your gun is not set up to lock back, the redesigned follower has clearance at the back so the slide comes forward without binding.
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